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Announcement:  The Two Bobs!

      Pastor Bob Stradling, at God's leading, has retired from ministry at our church and is anticipating the Lord's next steps for him.  Members and friends of the church honored Pastor Stradling with love, appreciation and gifts to thank him for his ministry and numerous skills that have benefited the church body and its physical structures.  Following the ceremony, the Doris Dickerson Circle provided a lovely dinner for all who were present.   


      Interim Pastor Bob Coats has begun his ministry with us, having served at God's calling in numerous capacities according to His will.  While eligible for retirement in the traditional sense, Pastor Coats validates what many ministers have discovered:  that they never truly retire.  God likes to keep them active in His service!  (Note the bio on the "Our Pastor" web page.)  



Doris Dickerson Circle

Love Gifts  

     In September the Women's Circle resumed its monthly meeting schedule following the summer break.  Members committed to projects for helping needy persons at Christmas time.  They also made plans for an upcoming gathering.


     Those plans were fulfilled in October at Pastor Bob Stradling's retirement celebration dinner.  The Circle provided a beautiful, yummy variety of food to accommodate anyone's preferences, even causing some of the guests to give in to temptation and ignore their diets.  (Forgive us, folks.)


     At the November meeting the Doris Dickerson Circle viewed items--both  purchased and handmade--to be given as Christmas gifts to several people in nursing homes.  It was announced that member contributions to the Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box Ministry were delivered to a collection site this month.  Currently, the Circle members are purchasing toys to donate to the Salvation Army Christmas Toys drive.  


Weekly Bible Study

Bible Study will NOT meet on Wed., Nov. 23. 

It will resume on Wed., Nov. 30.


     Wednesday Bible Study is held at 10:30 AM in the Church Fellowship Hall.  Pastor Bob Coats is conducting a series of sessions based on the movie and book entitled 90 Minutes in Heaven.  Each lesson stands alone, so it's not too late to join us!  Come and be enlightened! 


     Bible Study will continue most Wednesdays except for certain holidays and events.  Note that these Bible Studies are not being posted to YouTube.


  Past Bible Studies with Pastor Stradling, now retired, ended in September, 2022, and are still available on YouTube at this link:

  Vision Fellowship Bible Study