Our Thanks to Maranatha Productions for Presenting

"The Shoemaker Welcomes Christmas"
On Sunday, December 8th, our congregation was privileged to enjoy "The Shoemaker Welcomes Christmas"--an interactive drama held in the sanctuary by Maranatha Productions, Inc.  The story illustrated a truth the Christ Child came to share.  Several people in attendance, including our Pastor Bob, were absorbed into the story to form a support cast.   They were skillfully guided by the charming Narrator and the gifted actor who portrayed the kind but troubled Shoemaker. 
Pastor Bob Stradling, left, with Sunny Sweigart as the Shoemaker and
Lois Neidermyer in the Narrator position
 Visit Maranatha Productions, Inc. for more about their mission.
Opportunity for Singers and Musicians 

Our church is looking for additional singers and musicians (drummer, guitar, bass or some other instrument).  If you would like to volunteer or know of someone who might be interested, see or email Pastor Bob. 
Special Interest
Seeker Sessions are available for those with questions about faith, the Bible, or the church.  For more information on this group, click on Activities.  
Contact Pastor Bob if you are interested.  610-644-3904