Welcome to Vision Fellowship

in Malvern, Pennsylvania

Blessed by God the Father - Saved by Jesus Christ

Led by the Holy Spirit

Our Church

   Vision Fellowship names what our church is about.  We want people to have a vision of Who God is and to grow in relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

   We believe that faith expresses itself in love and fellowship with one another.  We want to share that love with all those around us, so they will know the love of God.


Vision Fellowship

At the First Baptist Church building

    146 Channing Avenue

Malvern, PA 19355

Phone:  610-644-3904

Vision Fellowship YouTube Page

where you may join us online for

Sunday Worship at 11:00 A.M.

by YouTube Livestream


Please Note:  As with others, our church is making changes in the way we function because of the ongoing threat of Covid-19.  The building is safely in use in some ways, but "in-person" Vision Fellowship worship services and certain activities are not open at this time. 



   Vision Fellowship is a small group in a big building, but we know that God cares about everyone, regardless of numbers.  If you are searching for your faith, yearning to renew it, continuing to grow in it--or just curious--we invite you to join us for worship.

   Our Sunday worship services take us on a spiritual journey from Bible times to today, with music both contemporary and traditional.  We sing.  We share.  We pray together.  We listen to God's Word.

   As able, we offer Nursery care during services.



   Music is a very important part of our worship at Vision Fellowship.  We start our serices with singing, Scripture reading and prayer.  The music is led by our praise team and begins with modern praise songs.  We also value and sing some well-loved hymns.
   The purpose of our music is always to help us fix our focus on the Lord, let our troubles go to Him, and truly worship God in Jesus Christ.


   On Sunday mornings we worship collectively, but we also grow individually as we learn to know who God is--not just learning "about" Him, but actually knowing Him.

   Spiritual nourishment is vital to Christian living.  We are "fed" by the Holy Spirit through our pastor's sermons, Bible studies, personal counseling and other enrichment opportunities.

Mission Support

   Vision Fellowship contributes to the work of God's servants in missions near and far:
Dan & Sarah Chetti - Lebanon
John & Debbie Coats - Cambodia
Scott & Tan Coats - Thailand
Nzunga Mabudiga & Kihomi Ngwemi - Haiti
Sue Hegarty - Costa Rica
Randy McDowell - Cru
Encuentro Latino Church
White Cross Gifts of the Heart
Salvation Army Christmas Toys
Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box Ministry